Summer Place Condominium

    Association of Brevard, Inc. (SPCAB)

    SPCAB’s BOD President is Jim Roberts.

    Representative is TBA, TBA,

    SPCAB’s Email is Info@SummerPlaceBrevard.com

    Section 1. OWNER INFO.

    if Titled as an Entity, please complete a Voting Certificate.

    Are you a Seasonal Resident ?

    Do you RENT your unit ?

    If YES, complete Sec. 2

    Consent to Email Correspondence?

    Do you, or Tenants, have a Pool FOB?

    FOB #

    Do you have a KEY on FILE?

    If NOT, please remit a Key, Emergency Use ONLY, to the SCPM office.

    Auto 1

    Auto 2

    Section 2. TENANT INFO.

    Copy of any Lease is REQUIRED per Assoc. Docs., please find time to submit lease(s)

    Term of Lease

    Pet 1:
    Breed: Weight:

    Pet 2:
    Breed: Weight:

    NOTE: Pets are limited to two (2) pets (cats or dogs) not exceeding forty (40) pounds/Unit

    Pets on Leash,No Pets in Pool Area,, AND Feces must be Collected.

    Auto 1

    Auto 2

    NOTE: SPCAB’s Rules & Regs. DO NOT ALLOW Commercial Vehicles, Boats, Trailers, Storage Containers or ANY Non-Personal use vehicle(s) to be Parked on Summer Place grounds. Exceptions can be requested (Move-in/out, Contractor Day Use, etc.), email for assistance. Each Condo is limited to two (2) Personal Use Vehicles. Unauthorized items will be removed at the Owner’s expense.

    Please read and sign: It is my responsibility, as the Owner, to update SPCAB and/or SCPM with any changes to my contact
    information, and failure to do so may result in non-receipt of correspondence. It is my responsibility to abide by the Association
    Documents, Bylaws, Rules & Regs. This information, and much more, is available online at www.SummerPlaceBrevard.com. I
    also agree that Tenants have received a copy of the Rules & Regs., and that any existing, or new Lease(s), have been SUBMITTED.